Interfacing tech and health literacy

Information builds power

Processing a message to extract its meaning should always precede its transformation – be it translation, transcreation or any kind of communication.

Clear your message, reach your target. BIOM is your partner for interfacing tech and health literacy.


 Language services 

 in biomedical domain 


Averaging 2500 words per day, the translation service is characterized by being idiomatic and accurate.


Adapt your existing or new translation to the Portuguese culture and references, going a step further to improve your image and capture your reader’s attention.


Direct and clean conveying of information: educational videos, product videos, testimonials, FAQ videos, instructional videos. Every second counts.

Editing and Machine Translation Post Editing

A second set of eyes on a translation is a double-security seal. Particularly when the translation was artificially achieved.

 Health communication 


If you need your text to accurately portrait not only the information but also a feeling, resonating and adjusting to its target’s culture, chose transcreation.

Biomedical Writing and Consulting

Requirement changes or value enlightenment demand a specialized treatment, an exceptionally difficult task when the topic addresses different health domains. BIOM can help improving your scientific publication, grant application or scientific presentation.


BIOM - Biomedical Communications is run by Pedro Serra, an electric engineer with training in the life sciences and a passion for words. Working as a freelancer for 13 years, his formal training began with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences tailored to the engineering aspects of Medicine.

Bewitched by the engineering domain and its potential in advancing the medical domain, he then pursued an MEng and a Ph.D. specialization in electric engineering applied to the life sciences.

Besides providing language services in the biomedical domain, he also has experience with writing and editing scientific papers in this domain.

His project management skills are constantly being improved, due to his responsibility in managing a non-profit sports organization, Associação Estrela de Três Pontas. He is also an acrobatic gymnastics coach and a judge and is constantly looking for opportunities to apply technology in his day-to-day activities.

If you are looking for a reliable and thorough partner for communicating scientific content, BIOM - Biomedical Communications is your most trustworthy provider.

Pedro Serra

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